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Week 9 Summary

Below is all the work for Week 9 for DS106:

Political Stances Via Kumu
Ode to my Chair: A Twitter Story
Playing Pictionary with Google

#tdc2117 Apocalypse anyone? Anyone? — Lachdown (@Lachdown3) October 27, 2017#tdc2118 Captain Antifa shooting to the top of the Supervillain list and coming soon to a theater near you — Lachdown (@Lachdown3) October 28, 2017

Playing Pictionary with Google

For this web assignment, I was tasked to play 'Pictionary' with a AI that was produced by Google. I'm not going to lie, I think I got absurdly lucky with the drawings that I was tasked to do, because I don't have any talent as an artist and somehow still the AI was able to guess what I was drawing each time.

Political Stances via Kumu

For this week's web assignments, I decided to play around with Kumu, a online app used to create diagrams and designs. When using Kumu, I quickly learned that the tool was indeed powerful, although I learned that mostly through breaking things rather than creating them. I then decided to make a basic replication of a chart that I found online that mapped out different modern forms of government, and once I stuck to the idea I found that I was barely scratching the surface with what Kumu was truly capable of. That being said, I am proud of what I was able to accomplish with the software - even though it's just a polished copy.

My Kumu Project


Ode to my Chair: A Twitter Story

For the assignment, "Photo Through Different Lenses" I decided to make art out of the most mundane thing that I could find, but also something that isn't absent from my life. I didn't feel like going through my closet to find some ancient ornament or memento just to have to throw it back into whatever hole it came from once I was done with it. So now I present to you, Ode to my Chair.


Ode to my Chair Pt.1— Lachdown (@Lachdown3) October 28, 2017
Ode to my Chair pt.2— Lachdown (@Lachdown3) October 28, 2017
Ode to my Chair: the Final Chapter— Lachdown (@Lachdown3) October 28, 2017

SCAR Radio

The Project for our DS 106 group, Scar Radio at it's finest. Enjoy!