Week 14 Summary

Week 13 Summary

This week I started to make the foundations for my final project; I decided to have my superhero try to save himself, and played around with how to approach the idea of a character who has unlimited power save himself.

   I first thought that my character could be chased by a secret organization that wanted him destroyed for some greater goal, but I thought it was a cliche idea and had a different thought: what if the hero's greatest enemy isn't an enemy or force that he needed to defeat, but instead his own satisfaction? So I started working on the idea that my hero's only true wish was to be loved by everyone and everything around him, but he also stands as an enemy to all mankind, because of a common opinion that he is evil for having his powers.

    After deciding on this, I started to work on a story that I could create to illustrate this scenario. Now I'm somewhat at a crossroads in my story, as going in one direction or another determines whether my final wi…

The Land Before Gantz

For this assignment I was tasked with taking a movie trailer and mixing it with another trailer in whatever ways I could. When I saw this assignment I immediately thought of the 28 Days Later mashup that I had done before and was eager to do something similar. On a side note, doing the 'Bad and Sunny' was noticeably harder to complete due to the PC I was using at the time, and not wanting to spend time dealing with bad (but free) software I downloaded a Trial for Sony Vegas video editing software. The software is honestly the best I've used so far - better than iMovie even - so this video turned out pretty good.

But it's bad. Really bad. Not for anyone too young or the faint of heart. Seriously.


Senpai SuperPAC

This assignment is something that the Remix Generator threw at me that I thought was pretty unique. I had to create a fictional SuperPAC as well as translate it into another language. Seeing this as a go-ahead to poke at whatever culture I wanted, I decided to go with the Japenese this time, and the final product seems to do it justice. The basic idea of it is that our hero Kawaii is running for Emperor in 2018. Some of his policies are also scattered about. The original character comes from Adventure Time.

Have fun translating!

Emo-Style Angel

For this Remixed Assignment I was tasked to change the 'mood' of an image, and the "Go Emo" requirement. Since the mood of the assignment was already decided, I decided to try to take something that'd be challenging to turn emo. I stumbled upon a drawing of a "Seraphic Angel" when looking for angels, and figured that it'd be a good pick to play around with. I don't think I was able to truly go emo on the photo, but I did darken it a good amount overall. 

Original Photo: Here

Bad and Sunny

For this assignment, I had the task of finding a music video and placing a new song behind it while trying to make the two fit as best as possible. When thinking about how I would somehow make essentially two songs fit together, I decided to pick two songs that happened to have the same BPM (Beats Per Minute), and use the video for one. Luckily enough, The Beatles and Migos with Lil Uzi Vert had something in common - their BPM. Overall it all turned out pretty well too - Enjoy!