Week 5 in Summary

For Week 5 we delved into the world of audio presentations, as well as the listening and editing that comes with it. I enjoyed learning Audacity on my own time, as well as the assignments that I created from scratch using it - it made me feel like I was my own DJ of sorts. The different audio dramas that I had listened to also left an impact on me; I've come to realize that I'd much rather listen to TV than to watch it, and that horror audio is a hell of a lot scarier than any horror movie i've ever seen. I'm also excited to work others on a radio show - not only am I eager to see my idea come to fruition, but also the ideas of others as well.

Here's my work for the week:

Moon Graffiti
DS106 Radio
Radio Show Ideas
Experimenting With Song Editing
Sound Effect Story
#ds106 I never had an interest in Jessica Jones, but after listening to ds106 Radio I'm hooked!— Lachdown (@Lachdown3) September 28, 2017
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Moon Graffiti: Spine-chilling Storytelling at it's Finest

Growing up, I used to travel with my family by car to just about anywhere and everywhere, and during the trips we always had a habit to listen to whatever podcast or audio book that my parents hooked up. This usually meant NPR, Adam Carolla, or whatever random melodramatic historical novel they could find, but rarely ever did we actually listen to any audio drama.

    Now I'm off on my own, and have had the pleasure to lay down and listen to Moon Graffiti, which is only lacking in the fact that it's too short for my tastes - I was searching for the sequel that didn't exist after I was finished! The way this story is told is truly novel: The chilling speech that the drama opens up with and it's historical accuracy only makes the fictional body of the drama that much more interesting and thrilling. The utter silence that is the moon is still somehow captured when the two voice actors 'put their helmets on' and switch to radio chatter, investigating their su…

Radio Show Idea: Live Talk Show

So I had an idea for a radio show - well, I had multiple ideas, and I got stuck on one that I thought was the best out of all of them. At first I thought that it Me and a group of people could play a game of some sort: karaoke, trivia, twister, or whatever while eating absurdly spicy food. After realizing how similar the idea was to Hot Ones as well as my hatred for all spicy food, I thought of having a live broadcast of a drinking game like Kings or shout-casting a Beer Pong tournament. 
    But then something amazing happened in my head: I realized that I needed a tame, mature idea for a radio show that was also family friendly, entertaining, and worth listening along too. Once I set those factors as my guidelines for my brainstorming, I had the idea of having a simple talk show that took guests on the air for any and all complaints that they might've had. I came to understand that today's world is filled with people who are dissatisfied with something in or around thei…

Barnyard Underworld

An epic story from the barnyard, about a young bull and his quest for revenge on the infamous Triad Chickens of the west side. Will he be able to end the chickens reign of terror? tune in to find out.

Experimenting with Song Editing

For this Audio Assignment, I decided to take one of the songs that had been stuck in my head as of late, and experiment with Audacity, editing the song to make it sound to my liking.

    I first took the entire song and reversed the intro, chorus, and outro separately - reversing the entire song would cause the outro to play first and the intro last, which wasn't what I wanted. I then altered the equalization settings on the song to bring out the bass and vocals, and make the background instrumentals quieter, but sharper. I added a slight soft distortion effect to the entire song, as well as boosted the bass and treble a little bit more, and voila.

If you're curious on the name of the original song, it's the title backwards.

Listening to ds106 Radio

This last Wednesday, I tuned in to ds106 radio to listen in on an 'Audio Drama' that was airing for the evening. Admittedly, I didn't enjoy the show at first, because the drama that was being presented was simply the audio from a Netflix series that I didn't recognize at the time. I also was frustrated that not only were there points in the broadcast that I did not understand because the necessary audio ques were not there, but also that there were certain audio ques that signified that what I was hearing was intended to be watched.

     That being said, after putting my frustrations aside, I was able to recognize that the audio was from the Netflix series Jessica Jones, a series that I had seen before but had never taken the time to watch. But once I was able to understand the context of what I was listening to I honestly enjoyed the rest of the presentation. I took the experience as a lesson that context can make or break an audio presentation, and I found it no…