Week 14 Summary

    For our super Final Project, I decided to make a little bit of a story on how my hero eventually saves the day, and also took the opportunity to give my character some background on how he operates.

    First I made a short little newspaper front page using a simple little generator I found here and used the chance to give my hero a little bit of character, as well as tell a little bit of his story and history from a journalist's perspective. It wasn't very taxing to make, but it was enjoyable to write and really brainstorm some points about my character's history.

   Next, I did an audio piece where the government reaches out to my hero for assistance. It was a recording of a friend and I that we had practiced once before, but it turned out much better than I expected in the end. Improvisation was a key factor for some of the one-liners in the piece, but I don't believe it took any of the quality away from the final result.

    Finally, I ended up making a short video animation that acts as an epilogue for this chapter in my hero's story. I honestly wish that I could've done more with it, but I attempted to use Source Filmmaker to make the video, and it was much more than I expected. Video editing and animation are close cousins, but animating anything is still beyond me - and my computer.

Everything for this week:
Final Project DS106


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