The Day is Saved: The end of DS106

      The final week of this semester is finally upon us, and with it brings a multitude of digital works from the students of DS106: from The Beast and his crisis of losing his powers, to Weather Woman and her reports on Global Warming, the students of DS106 have each saved the day in many different styles. Some submissions stood on top of the others in my opinion, and while i'd like to see the full movie adaptation of those stories in the future, me putting them in the spotlight here will have to do for now.

     The adventures of Mellow Man and Tech was something that I enjoyed not only for it's story and it's time traveling theme, but also for the custom drawings that the creators put the effort into creating for their heroes. This project was one that gave me the clearest image of what the students envisioned for their characters, and I was taken aback with how much more I wanted to see of the duo.

    On a more serious note, the audio diaries of Weather Woman taught me the idea of using your character to enlighten people about real-life issues. This project had more substance than any other submission that I had seen; the amount of passion and effort that was put in every element of the project almost made me forget that Weather Woman was something that was only known within the realm of DS106. The integrity of this project was truly something to note.

    Last but not least, I found the adventures of Black Dahlia and Super Nova to remind me of one thing that is easy to forget around this time of year: final project or not, it's important to have fun with whatever you may create. I could tell immediately that the creators of this project enjoyed themselves in the process of making this project come together, and as a result I found their work to be the most entertaining by far.

    That being said, after viewing everyone's submissions for the Final Crisis, I realized that I would miss DS106, regretting that we didn't have another chance to get all of our heroes together to save the world!


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