Week 13 Summary

   This week I started to make the foundations for my final project; I decided to have my superhero try to save himself, and played around with how to approach the idea of a character who has unlimited power save himself.

   I first thought that my character could be chased by a secret organization that wanted him destroyed for some greater goal, but I thought it was a cliche idea and had a different thought: what if the hero's greatest enemy isn't an enemy or force that he needed to defeat, but instead his own satisfaction? So I started working on the idea that my hero's only true wish was to be loved by everyone and everything around him, but he also stands as an enemy to all mankind, because of a common opinion that he is evil for having his powers.

    After deciding on this, I started to work on a story that I could create to illustrate this scenario. Now I'm somewhat at a crossroads in my story, as going in one direction or another determines whether my final will be a short video or an audio drama. Either way, I'm sure that with the groundwork I've made for my character will be more than enough to create an entertaining presentation in a week's time.


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