Superhero Idea: Jasper Regan

I have an idea for a hero:

   A man wakes up on top of a mattress that he had not used in 10 years. He opens his eyes in the house that was owned by his father - who had purchased the residence in 1992 in celebration of his wife's pregnancy, and his own retirement. Hearing the waves crash like thunder off in the distance, the man shifts to the side of the bed and sits, managing a quick stretch to straighten his back and make sure his neck was working correctly - he still didn't wasn't sure if travelling between realities was detrimental to his health, but he parishes the thought knowing that it wouldn't make much of a difference if it did. He stands and realizes that he was not clothed, and worse yet, he realized that he couldn't remember that last time he had been clothed. He closes his eyes begins to imagine himself in a black leather jacket, made of Unobtainium epaulets and formal military trousers, but instead he chuckles and opens his eyes to find himself wearing tattered jeans and a white t-shirt, a phone in one pocket, and a watch on his wrist. He glances at the watch and takes note of the date: April 9, 2017. Today was his birthday, and the one year anniversary of being murdered.

    Jasper takes a deep sigh and sits back down, and stares at the door in front of him as if it would tell him what to do next. He thinks back to year ago on his 23'rd birthday party in Miami: Empty alcohol bottles, cigarette butts, and drug paraphernalia scattered across every surface in the leftovers of what he'd call the best party ever. Friends, Fun, Fights, Drugs, the usual routine for him. But the one thing that stood out to him the entire night as something abnormal was none other than the knife sticking out of his chest, ironically enough. He remembers passing out on the couch as his inner circle of friends all left in unison, turning out the lights and saying their farewells - but the one thing he will never forget is the feeling of having a knife shoved into his heart. Seven seconds of the most pain that he had ever felt in his life, and then nothing. No struggle or screams, just accepting his fate and closing his eyes in the hopes that they would open once more, no matter where may go. Most importantly of all however,another experience that Jasper Regan will never forget is the worst hangover he'd ever had - he had no headache, no sickness, no pain anywhere at all in his body, but waking up with a knife in your chest is something that no man should ever have to experience.

   Jasper didn't know what to expect from coming back to the world he once knew. He had grown accustomed to his newfound power, something he himself dubbed 'apparent omnipotence' for now, and the dangers that come with it. While he had no real fear of death, he couldn't shake the fact that someone wanted him dead, and that his return in of itself is going to draw the entire world's attention. He had no intent to hide what he had, all he wanted was a simple lifestyle in an complicated world, even before being stabbed. Hungry, Jasper starts to think of a delicious dish that he could eat, but stops himself in fear of using his power too recklessly. He takes a deep breath, and moves to the door before him. He realizes that he had no real destination, and that he didn't need one. He opens the door and steps out to the world before him...


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