Listening to ds106 Radio

    This last Wednesday, I tuned in to ds106 radio to listen in on an 'Audio Drama' that was airing for the evening. Admittedly, I didn't enjoy the show at first, because the drama that was being presented was simply the audio from a Netflix series that I didn't recognize at the time. I also was frustrated that not only were there points in the broadcast that I did not understand because the necessary audio ques were not there, but also that there were certain audio ques that signified that what I was hearing was intended to be watched.

     That being said, after putting my frustrations aside, I was able to recognize that the audio was from the Netflix series Jessica Jones, a series that I had seen before but had never taken the time to watch. But once I was able to understand the context of what I was listening to I honestly enjoyed the rest of the presentation. I took the experience as a lesson that context can make or break an audio presentation, and I found it noteworthy that I'd gone through both sides of that same coin.


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