Radio Show Idea: Live Talk Show

    So I had an idea for a radio show - well, I had multiple ideas, and I got stuck on one that I thought was the best out of all of them. At first I thought that it Me and a group of people could play a game of some sort: karaoke, trivia, twister, or whatever while eating absurdly spicy food. After realizing how similar the idea was to Hot Ones as well as my hatred for all spicy food, I thought of having a live broadcast of a drinking game like Kings or shout-casting a Beer Pong tournament. 

    But then something amazing happened in my head: I realized that I needed a tame, mature idea for a radio show that was also family friendly, entertaining, and worth listening along too. Once I set those factors as my guidelines for my brainstorming, I had the idea of having a simple talk show that took guests on the air for any and all complaints that they might've had. I came to understand that today's world is filled with people who are dissatisfied with something in or around their lives, and I think that civil discourse on what might grind any persons gears is healthy - for anyone and everyone who may be involved. 

    I also realize that this idea could lead to an utter disaster of a radio show that serves to do nothing but offend it's listeners and participants, but I'm willing to take that chance. 


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