Vonnegut and 'Preacher'


    So - After watching 'Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories' I've gained new insight on how stories are made, as well as how to quickly tell if another hero story coming out of Hollywood is going to be something I enjoy or not. So Vonnegut's lecture is a quick video that shows that all stories can be identified by the quality of life that the main protagonist has throughout the story, and he shows this on a graph. So for example, Hunger Games starts with the main hero having a not so average life, but her happiness and well being plummet once she's joined the games, but then they skyrocket and hit their highest point once she's won them.

    This makes stories like 'Preacher' (A TV series i mentioned in my last post) all the more interesting to me, because not only does the main character's quality of life not improve after obtaining his powers, but it actually drops slowly but surely over time. I found this interesting, only because I couldn't think of another hero who had their life get considerably worse after they obtained their powers - I can think of a ton of people who let hubris burn their wings, but nobody I could call a hero at the same time.

   But anyway, I wanna dedicate this post to Vonnegut for his method in realizing how character progression is something that can make or break a story. Time to take this lesson and re-watch all of Game of Thrones.


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