28 Days Later Crack

    For this assignment, I failed to find a pinpoint definition to a 'crack' video. Doing some research on Youtube, I found a mix of two things: First, videos of movie scenes being synced to music or dialogue from other movies for stylistic effect, and the second and more abundant kind of video were of movies being synced to music or dialogue for comedic effect - with nearly all of all of these using TV static to cut between its sequences (similar to the TV series Robot Chicken). Wanting to try something new, I decided to do a little bit of both, and as such I took a horror movie - 28 Days Later - and synced it to lighthearted music that didn't fit the scene at all. When working on the finishing touches of this video I had actually discovered that my idea wasn't too original, as other users on Youtube had actually done the same thing with other horror movies. Nonetheless, I was satisfied with how the final product came out.

Enjoy - Not recommended for the faint of heart however.

28 Days Later Crack from Mike Macleay on Vimeo.


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