Week 5 in Summary

    For Week 5 we delved into the world of audio presentations, as well as the listening and editing that comes with it. I enjoyed learning Audacity on my own time, as well as the assignments that I created from scratch using it - it made me feel like I was my own DJ of sorts. The different audio dramas that I had listened to also left an impact on me; I've come to realize that I'd much rather listen to TV than to watch it, and that horror audio is a hell of a lot scarier than any horror movie i've ever seen. I'm also excited to work others on a radio show - not only am I eager to see my idea come to fruition, but also the ideas of others as well.

Here's my work for the week:

    Moon Graffiti
    DS106 Radio
    Radio Show Ideas
    Experimenting With Song Editing
    Sound Effect Story


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